Manifesto : The Internal Revolution


Manifesto shows you how to get exactly what you want out of life, with ancient Taoist visualisation, positive thinking and relaxation techniques made simple and clear. Barefoot Doctor constantly reminds you that it’s only your thought processes that limit what you can achieve in this abundant universe.

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How to get what you want without trying.

A witty and irreverent guide to understanding what you really want and getting it without trying.

Are you ready to get what you’ve always wanted? The Barefoot Doctor – Self-help guru, hip healer and Observer columnist – has just the prescription of Taoist theory and good old common sense to show you how to manifest exactly what you want!

Barefoot Doctor writes a unique blend of relaxation, visualisation, and affirmation techniques for specific wants; delivered in true Barefoot Doctor style – variously witty, light hearted, compassionate, sexy, friendly and downright random; full of wisdom and littered with encouragement and insights. A powerfully positive, quirky and humorous read. Dip in for daily guidance.


  • How to clear negative and limiting thought patterns to change the way you think and feel
  • A discussion about the topic of human desire, our underlying need to continually improve ourselves, understanding what it is we really want
  • How we should enjoy the wanting as well as the getting!

Want more money/wealth?

Want more love/sex?

Want a new job/career?

Want boundless health, energy and radiant beauty?

Want to find your true path through the maze of modern life and reach goals of full self-expression so you can live long and prosper?

Manifesto shows you the way.


“Funny, wise and provocative.” SUNDAY PEOPLE

“Sensitive and peculiar English warrior of the psyche has arrive to soothe our everyday angsts.” THE GUARDIAN

“A charismatic figure with a calming way (of helping his charges) … one to catch.” TIME OUT

“He answers all kinds of modern-day ills with his Taoist wisdom…and a huge dose of humour.” MARIE CLAIRE HEALTH & BEAUTY

“Barefoot Doctor is the modern day equivalent of a nomadic healer (but he’s also got) enough charm and humour to make palatable at least some of the pseudospiritual psychobabble his vocation involves” DAILY TELEGRAPH

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